Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spring Baby Gray

So I asked Justin what he wanted to put on our Spring list and he said, "I think us having a baby is enough." So... Here's a post about our sweet baby Grayson.
This is me at 39.5 weeks. (My mom said it is important that I document this... consider it documented.)
Grayson was due the 11th of April and we were convinced he was going to be late. Every time we went to the doctor I'd made no progress. Our doc said that I should just expect him to be a week late and then if he came on time or early it would be a fun surprise.
SURPRISE! I'll spare the details but on Wednesday, April 9th I asked Justin to run me home during my lunch break so I could change my clothes since I was feeling grouse and while we were home my water broke. (Thank goodness I was not in water aerobics like I had planned on. :) )
I called my boss to tell her I wasn't coming back, Justin gave me a blessing, and we were off to the hospital. I was worried they would tell me my water really didn't brake and that I was crazy and send me home.
Nope. 1:15 pm we were admitted. This picture makes us look excited but really we couldn't believe it was happening. We were totally nervous.

They had to give me petocin because I wasn't having contractions and they said that they needed to get the baby out within 24 hours of my water braking to avoid infection.
4:00 ish they gave me an epidural.
My contractions started coming on really hard and there was an hour were I went from a 4 to a 7.
I was in a lot of pain and I told them I didn't think my epidural was working because I could feel everything.
They thought that it was just because my contractions were coming on so hard so the anesthesiologist ended up giving me an extra shot of something but then after a short time that wore off too. The anesthesiologist didn't believe me or my nurse and then he realized that the epidural had migrated into a blood vessel when he saw blood backing up in the tube. He said it was really rare that it happens and ended up having to take the epidural completely out and had to re-do the whole thing. I was having really hard contractions and as he was putting a new one in he was asking me to hold still. For my second epi Justin held my hand and talked me through it and Ruth literally held me while I sobbed into her shoulder. I told our anesthesiologist that he was a very nice man but I would appreciate it if I didn't have to see him again because that would mean things were finally working. He laughed and said he hoped we didn't have to see each other anymore either. After they finally got my epidural to work and I got some relief my body stopped progressing. They had to give me more petocin to get me going again. After a while I started to have a fever and our babies heart rate started going up and down. They gave me antibiotic in my IV and monitored me. At 2:00 am our doctor came in and told us that unfortunately even though I was almost to a 10 that my pelvis was fused together and that there was no way our baby was going to drop. (Thank goodness they didn't have me try and push before they figured this out.) He said our baby was fine and that I was doing ok but that our only option was to have a c-section. He said that we will have the same problem with all of our babies so at least we know we have to have c-sections from here on out.
After that everything went really fast. We were all tired but despite everything all of the doctors and nurses and even Justin and I were laughing and joking and were ready to get Grayson here. Even the anesthesiologist was laughing because I had to see him again to get numbed for surgery.
Justin was AMAZING and such an awesome support and at 2:32 am April 10th 7 lbs. 3 oz. 20.5 inches Grayson Lonn Miller arrived. I didn't have a lot of feeling so Justin came and put him on my chest.
When I got feeling back in my arms I was able to hold Grayson for the first time. Grayson was perfectly healthy.

Justin was able to go with him to get checked and 45 minutes later we were together as a family and were able to take him up to our room with us. Justin brought him to me while I was in recovery and he said that he and Grayson had their first father son chat. He said they talked about all the things they were going to do together and how he needed to treat his mom... etc. (Isn't Justin the cutest! Swoon!)

We were SO blessed to have an amazing doctor and an angel for a nurse named Ruth who was a huge blessing to us and was super attentive and really got us through the whole delivery.
Here is some pictures of our sweet baby the day he was born:

We named Grayson Lonn after my dad Lonn. He is such an awesome example of Christ-like service and love and we hope that Grayson can be as good of a man as he is. Here is a picture of the two of them together for the first time the day Grayson was born.

Grayson is so lucky to be blessed with wonderful family and friends to support him throughout his life. Here are some pictures with his Grandma and Grandpa Miller and Grandma Buckley.

We checked into the hospital Wednesday, April 9th and were able to bring our baby home Sunday, April 13th. Justin's phone takes fuzzy pictures but this is when we brought him home.
More details and more pictures but we just want to say how happy we are to have him here. We love him! 

Sunday, December 15, 2013


40 Things Winter List
Due: March 1st
1.       Go for a walk in the snow
2.       Go see lights on temple square

3.       Celebrate our anniversary
4.       Go to the Poinsettia Bowl

5.      Watch the snow fall through the window
6.       Drink hot chocolate
7.       Eat a cinnamon roll
Warming up at Kneaders w/ hot chocolate and a cinnamon roll

We know how to do the deer on headlights

8.       Make Christmas cookies
9.       Watch Christmas with the Kranks
10.   Watch Elf
11.   Watch Miracle on 34th Street
12.   Decorate our house
13.   Go see the lights in Preston
14.   Eat a big orange
15.   Have soup in a bread bowl
16.   Drink cherry 7-Up
17.   Watch the super bowl
18.   Visit Arizona

19.   Go to San Diego

20.   Watch the National Championship
21.   Celebrate Justin’s 30th birthday
22.   Celebrate Valentine’s day
23.   Go to the Banff Film Festival 
(We have gone the last 3 years and it has become our favorite Valentine's tradition.)
24.   Eat a heart shaped pizza  (It's our "fancy/romantic" dinner before Banff.)
25.   Start decorating the nursery
26.   Kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve
27.   Eat Dreyer’s peppermint ice cream 
(Who doesn't love it?! Add a little hot fudge and walnuts and it can change the worst of days.)

28.   Wrap presents
29.   Make a year scrapbook for Miller family
30.   Wear our new pjs
31.   Read the nativity story
32.   Go to Buckley family Christmas party

33.   Go to Miller family Christmas party
34.   Deliver cookies to neighbors
35.   Eat caramel santas
36.   Drink Starbucks caramel apple spice
37.   Finish watching Friends seasons
38.   Make a fancy dinner
Not the best picture but we were sick on New Years day so we decided to have fancy take out from Chili's. We made it a little picnic and drank sparkling cider in goblets and watched friends and had fancy dessert afterwards in fancy dishes. It was a pretty fun night, despite the coughing and sniffles. :)

39.   Make a fancy pants cake
One of my YW has been watching cake boss, so we figured we'd make our own.
It wasn't beautiful but it was a lot of fun and Justin sure thought it was delicious!

40.   Weekend with family

Thursday, October 3, 2013


As always, this list is written in no particular order. We hope to cross more things off than our Summer List.
1.      Drink caramel apple spice
2.     Carve pumpkins

3.     Eat candy corn/pumpkins Starting the day they came out on the shelf.
4.     Scouting for deer (hunting for deer) Sept 28th

 5.     Watch a movie outside Iron Man 3, Sept. 28th 
6.     Go for a drive to see the leaves  Photo from Jodi

7.     Go to Aggie football games always a good place to spend w/ friends and fam

8.     Do a tailgate party

9.     Pass out candy on Halloween
10.     Decorate/deliver pumpkin sugar cookies
11.      Go for a walk on campus
12.    Eat a big apple
13.    Eat a big peach
14.    Watch Hocus Pocus
15.    Make pumpkin cookies
16.    Celebrate Thanksgiving  We had a marshmallow turkey shoot

17.    Take family pictures
18.    Go for a ride in the rhino
19.     Make/eat chicken pot pie
20.   Make/eat apple & peach pie
21.    Eat turkey
22.   Make a list of things we are thankful for
23.   Plan a fall date We love the pumpkin walk!

24.   Go for a hike
25.   Make/eat potato soup on a cold day
26.   Roast the pumpkin seeds

Justin loves this recipe:
27.   Have our own “turkey dinner”
28.   Go to the pumpkin walk
29.   Hang out w/ Andrew & Em
30.   Listen to General Conference
31.    Make a big breakfast for General Conference
32.   Find out what “flavor” of baby we’re having. 

(If you haven’t heard, we’re having a baby April 11th. :) )
33.   Take a picture in our Aggie shirts

34.   Walk through a pile a leaves
35.   Pick out our Christmas tree
(FHE after Thanksgiving.)